Welcome to a website for former Warriston School students.

Whilst Warriston School was closed many years ago, as former students we all have memories of the school that was significant in the formative period of our lives.  Some students braved schooling at Warriston for as much as 7 years and others for one year. 

Nestled in a Scottish border valley, isolated from city life, Warriston students were given an intensive education by some excellent teachers, including Brian & Martha Larmour, Brian Usher, James & Kathleen Bell.

We encourage your participation in rebuilding details of the pupils, teachers, events and photos for the benefit of you and other students and teachers.  This website will be updated regularly.

EMAIL:   warriston@mail.com

Please email your max DPI photos in format JPG, PDF, GIF or PNG. Pictures will be updated within days for all to enjoy. Thanks.