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Please assist in providing names of teachers - in your year/s.:

Mr Elbourne - Headmaster 1958 - 1960.

Mr and Mrs McEwan (Latin Teachers)


Mr Brian Larmour (Principal) Mathematics Teacher.

Mrs Martha Larmour - (Principal) Geography.

Mr James Bell (Housemaster) - History, English, Literature teacher.

Brian Usher - English, History, Literature, Rugby.

Mrs Kathleen Bell - Biology, Art.

Mr MacMillan - French, Soccer.


Art and dance Orel Rudd-Orthner (and girls School Matron)

Biology and English Trish Alison

History Mr Eastward (nick name Clint)

English Mr Darok (had a habit of rolling on is heals)

Mrs Sidwell (boy School Matron)

Mr Sidwell (head teacher and physics and chemistry)

Maths Teacher Mr Sidwell

Mrs Brown (part owner and Science teacher)

Philip Powditch (teacher around 1971 to 72)

Harry Elbourne (Headmaster from 1952 to 1958)

Mr Creswick

Robert Locke

Mr Eastwood

Mr Darok



Please provide more info from your recollections.


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